Friday, April 11, 2014

Healthy Natural Homemade Dog Food

Many people now a days are all about the 'healthy' way of living and eating. Everyone wants to join the healthy bandwagon. I am seeing commercial after commercial for the new and improved all 'natural' dog foods. Still, its hard food that hurts your animals gums and teeth. That's what bones and chews are for, to keep your pet's mouth healthy. I came across a recipe and decided to give it a try. I'm not even going to post the original recipe on here, because I altered it so much that it is irrelevant. It is easy to make and my dog absolutely loves it! She has so much more energy throughout the day, and her coat is looking better than ever. Here's how to make your own dog food.  

What you'll Need: 

  • 2 # Hamburger, raw
  • 1 Can Cooked Beans
  • 3 Eggs
  • 1/2 Cup Wheat Germ
  • 1 1/2 Cups finely copped Oats
  • 1 Small box of Brown Rice (About 3 1/2 Cups
  • 3 Cups Water
  • 1 1/2 Cups Pureed Vegetables
  • 1 Tbs Garlic Powder
  • 1 tsp Salt Substitute
  • Egg Shell Powder

First start cooking the vegetables and beans. I use carrots and Pinto Beans. While those are cooking, get the rice cooking.  

While you have stuff cooking on the stove, mix together the hamburger and the eggs in a bowl by itself.

Use the egg shells from those 3 eggs to make you egg shell powder. Make sure you wipe them off with a paper towel so they don't have any egg residue on them. In a blender or food processor, blend your oats and eggs to make a fine powder.

In another separate bowl, mix the oat and egg powder mixture with the wheat germ and salt substitute and garlic powder.

Once your vegetables are cooked, puree them. So now you have 2 bowls, one meat mixture, and one dry ingredients. You also have your pureed vegetables in a bowl, Your cooked beans, and cooked rice. I used a very large pot, the biggest I had to use as the ultimate mixing bowl. Heres a picture of everything ready to mix.

Yes, that's my cat's paw! The animals love when I make this, all of them! The dog goes crazy sniffing around, she knows its for her. Anyways, back on track. Mix the carrot mixture into the meat mixture until well blended. Yes, I use my hands for all of this. Messy, but efficient!

Now comes the ultimate mixing. You can do this however you please. I take scoops of each mixture and put 1 handful of each into the mixing pot, mix, and keep adding 1 scoop at a time. It makes it a little easier when working with so much food.

Once it starts to get thick and dry, about halfway through, I add the water. Here's a before(dry) and after (watery) picture.

Finally, mixture is done!

Now dig up every possible pan you have and start scooping. I sprayed cooking spray to eliminate the sticking. It won't come out in loaf form so you will just be scooping it out of the pans after cooking.

Let cook for an hour on 350 degrees. When done cooking, I let cool completely then package into individual zip locks and store in the freezer. This recipe made about 8 regular sandwich ziplock bags. My dog goes through about 1 bag every 2 days so this recipe usually lasts me about 2 weeks. When I get a free time I make a batch of food whether we need it or not, that way if I never run out of food. I had a hard time finding a few things in the store, the wheat germ I found by the oatmeal and cereal. And the Salt Substitute I found by the spices. The only things I have to buy fresh each time I make a batch is the ground beef, fresh vegetables, and rice. Most of the ingredients will last you a few batches before you have to buy more, making this not only healthier, but a lot more cost efficient than buying dry dog food.

Please let me know if you try this recipe. Don't forget you can alter the measurements if you need to make more or less at a time. Thanks for reading! ~Namaste!