Tuesday, May 20, 2014

8 Angle Pose

What is 8 Angle Pose?  

8 Angle Pose is an arm balance in yoga. It is also known in sanskrit as Astavakrasana (ahsh-tah-vah-krahs-anna). 'Ashta' meaning 'eight', 'vakra' which means 'bent' or 'curved', and of course 'asana' means 'pose'. So now that we have our sanskrit lesson for the day. . . lets discuss the benefits of this pose.  


Astavakrasana has numerous benefits just like any other yoga pose. It strengthens your body muscles as well as gives a good massage to your arms, hands, thighs, shoulders, legs, wrists, and spine. It also helps tone your abdomen. This pose helps in the aid of digestion and elimination of toxins from the body. It helps with a peaceful mind and a healthy body. Even helps in building stamina. It helps to improve blood circulation in your body. And it helps to give a good stretch in your spine, keeping you away from chronic-related problems. So how do we get into this pose. . . find a youtube video. It is incredibly complicated and if you go into it the wrong way you can really hurt yourself.  


  • Pigeon, Happy Baby, and Forward Folds are a great way to open yourself up for this intense pose.
  • Find one point to focus on. This can help your stability and mental focus.
  • Core strength is a key factor in this pose. Prepare with dolphin pose, plank, and boat.

  • So why did I just provide you with all of this information about a pose I cannot even conquer myself. . . Simple. .I have a passion for yoga and I want my readers to understand why I have that passion. Yoga opens and balances the mind, body, and soul. I have found a lot of my guidance through yoga and meditation. I do not like what mainstream society has done to yoga, made it the 'trendy' thing to do. Yoga is all about inner peace and spiritual growth. I may not be able to do the intense advanced poses, or conquer handstands when commanded, but I do have inner peace, and it is fun to work towards the more challenging things in life. You never know what your body is capable of. Our bodies were not made to sit all day behind a desk looking at a computer. They were made to be out in nature and move in certain ways. Doing yoga to me is just moving your body to what feels good. I hope these yoga posts are handy and some of you are living a balanced life. Namaste and good luck with your practice.  

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