Wednesday, July 23, 2014

What's Happening in the Universe for July


“The best journeys in life are those that answer the questions you never thought to ask”

The Moon in Gemeni meets Mars. As the Sun enters his own sign of Leo for 30 days of Heart math, Expansion, Warmth, and playful creativity.

This is one of the most auspicious times of the year as Sol/Sun approaches Jupiter for a warm embrace on July 24th.

With Mercury (the messenger) in a confrontation with Pluto, expect more threats, intimidation, and under the radar revelations on the world stage.

In your own life, walk away from the dramas and move forward — any losses now will be re-framed as triumphs after July 25 at the brilliant New Moon in Leo

Keep in mind that it's a time / space where Karma and Dharma are being activated by Saturn and Uranus, lasting all summer.

Uranus is the Higher law, Saturn is the Earthly Law, always in an eternal dance. The Great Awakener (Uranus) is your inner revolutionary inciting you to individuate, to forge your own soul path on your own terms by moving from adventure to adventure. Saturn is the boundary maker, only allowing you to pass if you walk away from emotional and physical addiction, materialism, and conformity.

It's time to withdraw from what no longer serves you.

See it as a summer of voluntary course correction and a re-connection to your soul's desires.

Not so much a sacrifice as a release.

Wherever mid Aries/Scorpio is in your chart is where you'll experience the greatest shifting of inner tectonic plates as a huge amount of psychic potential is released.

July was always meant to be the month when the 'new year' would fully kick in. With the personal planets (Venus, Mars, and Mercury) all direct, and the Grand Frozen Cross in Cardinal signs FINALLY over, movement is everywhere. Jupiter just swept into Leo, Mars almost into Scorpio, Saturn just went direct.

Let the universe surprise you. “You can accept or reject the way you are treated by other people, but until you heal the wounds of your past, you will continue to bleed.”

Information from Yogastrology

Friday, July 18, 2014

Remembering a Beautiful Soul

I've been debating on whether or not I wanted to post about this topic. Clearly, I've come to the conclusion that it's a good idea. Everyone is going to deal with death sometime in their lives, whether it be a pet, a loved one, or a loved pet! All pets are loved, but you get what I mean.

I've recently had to deal with the passing of a cat i've had for a long time. This is my journey with that kind beautiful soul.

Formerly known as Vigina, we called her Booger her whole life. Sometimes we called her Viginia Slim because she was so fluffy and chunky. I remember that day inside Petco, walking down the makeshift aisle of cats in cages and I stopped at Booger's. I looked at her in the eyes and said 'she's the one I want'. They took her out of the cage and I held her and she didn't squirm or fight it, she laid in my arms like 'please take me home' and I did.

My reasoning for getting a kitty was because I had recently moved out on my own, 4 hours away from family. I started college and was lonely. I wanted a companion. I had kitties in my life, but none I got close enough to. Just childhood kitties. So, I made the decision to get a companion and just so happens Petco was having an adoption that weekend. Lucky me. Lucky Booger.

In Booger's early days, she loved to chase balls down a long hallway. Yes, like a dog. She loved to play with string, dip her paws in water glasses. Even try to squeeze her entire body into a glass. I don't know why cats do that. It's silly. She loved to cuddle from the very beginning. Very laid back kitty and very loving and compassionate.

Booger always loved to cuddle with me when I was trying to get stuff done, she's such a silly soul. Anytime I was down, she was there. I could be crying on the other side of the house and she was there in a heartbeat to lay on me and nudge me and give me kisses. She always gave kisses on my nose. And she would bump my nose a lot. Which later I discovered that when kitties bump noses its like a human saying hey how are you. They are checking in. I like to think Booger was checking in with me.

Boog was also in love. Her and Kitten had an amazing relationship. We caught them cuddling on the couch multiple mornings. Most of the time Booger slept on my head in bed, but sometimes she took time for Kitten and that was special. They bumped noses a lot and always played and ran around the house together. Kitten is doing okay, sometimes she lets out a few cries and she punched through the screen last night and escaped (probably looking for booger). Which is a stunt Booger is too familiar with. When she was younger, she was in the kitchen window and fell through. She didn't leave, she sat on the front porch and meowed until I woke up and let her in. Good Kitty.

I'm not going to write about Boogers ending days, because that's not how I want to remember her. She was seriously the best soul I have ever encountered. I've never came across another animal that had such amazing power. Booger taught me a lot about being patient, loving, and compassionate. I hope to find another soul half as good as hers in my next maine coon mix. (not anytime soon though)

We gave Booger a proper burial on Sunday, July 6th. Her body is gone, but her spirit will forever live on. She's always in my heart and I will always love her! I have moved passed the 'i miss her' stage, even though I do. But now I am able to look at her pictures and talk about her and remember the fun and great things she did. She's more than just an animal. I'm very thankful I had the opportunity to love and be loved by her.

Enjoy your journey Booger!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

UPDATE to No Poo / Chemical Free Hair

This is my update to my previous post on the 'no poo' method for going chemical free with your hair. You can find my original post Here

It has been 3 months of no shampoo or conditioner for me. My hair is starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel, but I seriously miss my long straight/sometimes wavy, silky, shiny hair. All I have now is a huge grease ball that I have to pull up and hide with headbands. I left off my original post at the 2 month mark and had just left the baking soda (BS) and apple cider vinegar (ACV) method. So now, a month later and my roots aren't oily, but the rest of my hair is! So bad! Getting pretty frustrated! So obviously something isn't right with my ph levels in my hair. Because I should be pretty much seeing awesome hair by now. So, with lots and lots of research, I found honey to be a good alternate for shampoo.

Honey did amazing at getting through the grease and I followed it with an ACV rinse. Problem here is that my blonde (not literally) butt, put the ACV on my roots as well and that made my hair a little more oily than desired. And by a little I mean, a TON. So note to self: don't apply vinegar rinses to roots! But the honey did work overall. I used this method 2 times about 3-4 days apart.

Once the honey method got old I was about to give up. Like literally took out my old Tresemme and was seriously thinking really hard about using it and just giving up. I did one last research on beating the oily hair and what the heck I am doing wrong. Why is everyone else getting this shiny awesome hair after 3 weeks and here I am 3 months later with an oil slick on my head! So, like I mentioned before, my ph is all wrong. The curtains finally opened and there on the internet lied The Egg Wash!

You take 1-3 eggs and dilute with water and let sit on your wet hair for like 5 minutes. 1-3, depending on how much hair you have. (i used 3) So another note to self: when doing an egg wash, let the eggs get to room temperature just for the sake of not having ice cold scrambled eggs drip down your back! I did this wash and rinsed thoroughly with room temperature water. I followed this with a regular white vinegar rinse instead of the ACV. I found that the ACV can be too much for some hair so that could very well be why my hair is over producing oil and sebum. I felt how clean the eggs made my hair as soon as I rinsed them out! This time I only used the vinegar rinse on the ends of my hair, not my scalp. I am very pleased with this method! My hair is super clean and not greasy! I did have some buildup after it dried, not sure if that was the egg, even though I rinsed like crazy. Or just old buildup. Either way the Egg Wash was pretty amazing! Another note for the egg wash, only do this bi-weekly. It will add protein to your hair and yes there is such thing as too much protein in hair. Google it. Oh, one more note: don't dry hair after an egg wash. If you have any residue left on your hair you may end up with breakfast on your head.

Good luck with your journey. And please comment on how you are doing if you have done the no poo! Hopefully I will do one more update telling you I am finally through my transition to wonderful chemical free hair.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

July Super Moon

July 12, 2014 marks yet another Full Moon. But as you may have seen in the title of this blog, it's also a Super Moon, otherwise known as a Buck Moon, or a Thunder Moon. These alternate names were given due to the events that happen in July. This is when the bucks will start to grown in their antlers and weather will become a bit chaotic. Super moons appear larger because they are closer to the earth. It's something very amazing to see.

If you plan to enjoy this beautiful occurrence, the blood moon will arrive on the East coast around moonrise at 8:30pm EST. For other parts of the world, it will be roughly the same time in your time zone give or take a few minutes. The best place to see the moon is anywhere you have good viewing access, of course!

A super moon bring a time of blossoming and life. It's a great time to reflect on personal success and what you have created. Some will write their manifestations on a piece of paper in coming nights of the blood moon. Relationships are of a greater value at this time as you have more of a need to share, love, join, and connect with your partner. Take the super moon however you want it, but it is something beautiful. I have already written some things that I want on a piece of paper as well as I will be putting my moon water out the night before. Take this time to reflect and be reborn.