Thursday, July 10, 2014

July Super Moon

July 12, 2014 marks yet another Full Moon. But as you may have seen in the title of this blog, it's also a Super Moon, otherwise known as a Buck Moon, or a Thunder Moon. These alternate names were given due to the events that happen in July. This is when the bucks will start to grown in their antlers and weather will become a bit chaotic. Super moons appear larger because they are closer to the earth. It's something very amazing to see.

If you plan to enjoy this beautiful occurrence, the blood moon will arrive on the East coast around moonrise at 8:30pm EST. For other parts of the world, it will be roughly the same time in your time zone give or take a few minutes. The best place to see the moon is anywhere you have good viewing access, of course!

A super moon bring a time of blossoming and life. It's a great time to reflect on personal success and what you have created. Some will write their manifestations on a piece of paper in coming nights of the blood moon. Relationships are of a greater value at this time as you have more of a need to share, love, join, and connect with your partner. Take the super moon however you want it, but it is something beautiful. I have already written some things that I want on a piece of paper as well as I will be putting my moon water out the night before. Take this time to reflect and be reborn.

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