Thursday, July 17, 2014

UPDATE to No Poo / Chemical Free Hair

This is my update to my previous post on the 'no poo' method for going chemical free with your hair. You can find my original post Here

It has been 3 months of no shampoo or conditioner for me. My hair is starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel, but I seriously miss my long straight/sometimes wavy, silky, shiny hair. All I have now is a huge grease ball that I have to pull up and hide with headbands. I left off my original post at the 2 month mark and had just left the baking soda (BS) and apple cider vinegar (ACV) method. So now, a month later and my roots aren't oily, but the rest of my hair is! So bad! Getting pretty frustrated! So obviously something isn't right with my ph levels in my hair. Because I should be pretty much seeing awesome hair by now. So, with lots and lots of research, I found honey to be a good alternate for shampoo.

Honey did amazing at getting through the grease and I followed it with an ACV rinse. Problem here is that my blonde (not literally) butt, put the ACV on my roots as well and that made my hair a little more oily than desired. And by a little I mean, a TON. So note to self: don't apply vinegar rinses to roots! But the honey did work overall. I used this method 2 times about 3-4 days apart.

Once the honey method got old I was about to give up. Like literally took out my old Tresemme and was seriously thinking really hard about using it and just giving up. I did one last research on beating the oily hair and what the heck I am doing wrong. Why is everyone else getting this shiny awesome hair after 3 weeks and here I am 3 months later with an oil slick on my head! So, like I mentioned before, my ph is all wrong. The curtains finally opened and there on the internet lied The Egg Wash!

You take 1-3 eggs and dilute with water and let sit on your wet hair for like 5 minutes. 1-3, depending on how much hair you have. (i used 3) So another note to self: when doing an egg wash, let the eggs get to room temperature just for the sake of not having ice cold scrambled eggs drip down your back! I did this wash and rinsed thoroughly with room temperature water. I followed this with a regular white vinegar rinse instead of the ACV. I found that the ACV can be too much for some hair so that could very well be why my hair is over producing oil and sebum. I felt how clean the eggs made my hair as soon as I rinsed them out! This time I only used the vinegar rinse on the ends of my hair, not my scalp. I am very pleased with this method! My hair is super clean and not greasy! I did have some buildup after it dried, not sure if that was the egg, even though I rinsed like crazy. Or just old buildup. Either way the Egg Wash was pretty amazing! Another note for the egg wash, only do this bi-weekly. It will add protein to your hair and yes there is such thing as too much protein in hair. Google it. Oh, one more note: don't dry hair after an egg wash. If you have any residue left on your hair you may end up with breakfast on your head.

Good luck with your journey. And please comment on how you are doing if you have done the no poo! Hopefully I will do one more update telling you I am finally through my transition to wonderful chemical free hair.

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