Wednesday, August 6, 2014

My First Piyo Class

What the heck is 'piyo'? That was my first thought too! Piyo is a new low impact, high intensity workout that combines pilates and yoga. Teaching 2 yoga classes a week myself I thought, sure lets try this. So I attended my first class, and survived. The familiarity of yoga was nice because I didn't feel totally out of place, but the endurance was amazing. We were constantly moving and doing repetitions of amazing sequences. At first my coordination was a little off and I was lagging behind with the movements, but I quickly let go of my mind and let my body do the thinking. It ended up being a blast! I will be attending a piyo class every week now, on top of my regular yoga of course!

A little about Piyo: It is designed to create lean muscle mass to burn fat quickly. These classes are great for anyone who wants to slim down or tone up. Since it's low impact it is friendly on the ankles and knees. There are no weights, no jumps, no props, just your body doing continuous series of movements.

Now, obviously I am not a Piyo guru, but I did do my research before I attended the class so I knew what to expect. I highly recommend trying a Piyo class near you!

Please comment if you have tried a class and what you thought of it! I would love to know! Namaste!

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