Thursday, August 21, 2014

UPDATE to Healthy Natural Homemade Dog Food

It's been a while since I posted the tutorial for 'Natural' Homemade Dog Food, but this is a long awaited and much needed update to my previous post. You can find my original post Here

I really probably should just delete the whole original post, but I want people to see that I am not perfect. I am always learning new things and always updating things as well. I have learned and experienced that the original recipe for my dog food was terrible!

So here's what happened. My dog really loved the food I made her. She chowed it like it was going out of style! I put her on a feeding schedule, so she went from eating the hard store bought food whenever she wanted, to getting fed real food twice a day. With this schedule and this recipe, she gained a ton of weight. She is only 4 and she looked like an old dog. Her fur was not as soft and silky, it was dry and actually starting to lighten to like a gray color! Also, the most important side effect, all around her ears was starting to peel! Her skin was so dry and she was breaking out all over! If I tried to pick or flake it away her hair fell out in those areas! The cause of this, in my opinion, was the gluten! The original post contained a salt substitute and wheat germ! Clearly, I made this recipe before we became gluten free.

What I changed since then, I only feed her Real natural food! So I still cook up the ground beef, and the vegetables. I also use any food that is leftover in the fridge. So if we haven't eaten all our leftovers, they go to the pup. And since we only eat legitimate healthy food, I know its all good for my dog.

So a typical batch of food will mostly consist of, ground beef, red kidney beans, peas and carrots, any leftovers like steak, vegetables, mashed potatoes, meats, etc. I also will put egg yolks in her food almost every time. This is because we make an awesome gluten free angel food cake and use 12 egg whites so I always have leftover egg yolks. I just cook them up and store them separately in the freezer so when its time to make dog food I just add them in the mixture.

I can proudly say that my pup eats very good! Since I have changed her diet, she still eats twice a day and after dinner she usually gets to play the role of the household 'dishwasher'. She is much happier, has tons of energy. Her coat is amazingly soft and silky and immediately after I took her off the gluten, her dry skin and flakiness went away. She also dropped the weight she gained and is a very healthy weight now.

I truly apologize for posting a recipe that wasn't the best possible choice for our loving animals. With the new food, I don't have a recipe, I just put food together that's healthy for her. I did recently have someone laugh when I was cooking the food for the pup. I asked why she was laughing she replied I just can't believe you feed your dog that. I said well we eat it, why shouldn't the dog eat good food too, would you eat hard dog food? Good Point! I know some people would object to 'table scraps', but we don't feed the dog at the table, we wait until we are done and anything leftover either goes into her food stash in the fridge or we put some in her food bowl. She is very good about not begging for food. I hope your pets are eating as good as they should be!

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