Monday, December 21, 2015

Life Changes

I feel this is a very appropriate time to make this post and start this journey, since the winter solstice is upon us. In my last post I mentioned that hubby and I have a trip planned to Oregon and shortly after plan to move. Well I have decided to document the whole thing. Readers or no readers, this is our journey and I want somewhere to express, share, vent and learn. So here goes...

We live in a very very small town, we work 9-5 jobs in an office in the biggest place in our town. We have a nice little cozy home that we rent for a pretty penny, and a good chunk of debt to our name. Personally I have more student loan debt than anyone can possibly imagine, but hey, our vehicle is paid off so that's a plus. Our days are the same, with a nice little routine. Our weekends are always fun because we try to get out and make the most of them. We are doing good. But at the end of our day, after we've put in our 8, sometimes 9 or 10, hours and we lay down at night, we are constantly talking about a different lifestyle and this dream we both have. We are constantly thinking 'there's got to be more'. So we're setting out on a journey to see just how much more there is. We're going to go to Portland for 10 days and take a 3 day road trip back and put our 2 weeks notice in when we get home and start packing our stuff to move out west.

We've both lived in other countries and we've both traveled a lot before. We are gypsy souls and love the journey.

So what are our plans.... well, we have a small home now, 1 bedroom that we've turned into 2  bedrooms becase we were pregnant, but lost the baby. This house is just too big. We don't  need or want this material stuff. So we are downsizing to a tiny home. We are currently in the process of going through our posessions and either selling, donating, or storing.

We hope to eventually to live off our passions, but for now we will do what we have to. I currently teach yoga on the side so I'm hoping to get 1 more  certification before the trip and hopefully land a yoga teaching job full time. We also make soaps so we're hoping to get them carried in a few shops. I currently am in the works with 1 shop here locally in the Midwest, but with the holidays it's been hard. Hubby wants  something outdoors, with a park ranger or a farmhand. This will help hi gain the knowledge for when we start to gather and grow our own animals. We aren't too worried about jobs, we know in our hearts that everything will work out the way it is supposed to.

So... now we just put all the pieces together and start planning the next leg of our journey. I hope someone finds interest in this, even if it's just my hubby ☺ stay tuned for more on our wonderful journey of life.

Enjoy the Winter Solstice!

Monday, November 16, 2015


I love when the sun goes down after a long rainy day. The earth is moistened and it feels as though the atmosphere has expelled everything it needed to for the time being. The clouds gave forth what the earth yearned for and now every part is satisfied and released. Everything can relax and breathe.

According to tradition, this is a time to be thankful. (I know I'm a little late for Thanksgiving) but shouldn't we be thankful every day of our lives? You would think. Well, I am thankful simply for this body that has provided me life here on earth. Remember: we are souls having a human experience.

Despite the holiday season upon us, there has been so much death and chaos around us. I know of 3 people that have passed away just off the top of my head, young people too! This makes me extremely thankful for my body and I wish I could start treating it better, I've fallen off my clean eating and yoga lately. It also reminds me that life is too short so we must follow our hearts. Which reminds me that the moon is waning in Leo and we should be following our hearts more than ever right now. I read somewhere that people who have heart attacks and heart complications are those who overall, didn't follow their heart in life. Makes sense.

Since the attacks on Paris a few weeks ago, am I the only one noticing that technology has totally been sketchy lately? First my phone stopped working. It won't send messages or get service for calls. This improved overall, but when I'm in a certain  part of our small town, service goes down all together. Then my Bluetooth mouse blew up and quit working which was followed by my mac laptop crashing completely. Luckily I can save he hard drive and have a new laptop on the way, but still a sad moment. I work in a call center and I can't even begin to calculate how many problems we've been having with phones and emails. It's amazing what people are overlooking right now.

Well, here's what's in store for the future:
Hubby and I have a trip to Oregon planned in March. Shortly after we plan to move there. Portland area. We are hoping to get a tiny house on a little land we can have  some bees and a little workshop for our soaps and projects.
We are pitching our soaps to our first store in the next town over. First gers crossed she will want to carry them.
We are still trying for our  3rd member of our family after the miscarriage in October. We hope this happens before christmas.

Thanks for reading,

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Breathe. Let go. Breathe

Welcome to new moon in scorpio.

As I sit here writing my second draft of this very blog post, I can't help but wonder why my first draft disappeared and I lost all content. The words had been pouring out all afternoon for what was making one fascinating read. And now I sit here baffled and unwilling to replicate what has already happened.

As we enter the infinity of all moons, we have to wonder, are we manifesting our highest truth? Are we weaving our Web to our liking or are we all just walking reflections of each other.

Today in the Midwest a storm swept through. This ended up being a few rain droplets and mediocre wind gusts. But everyone around me was making such a big deal about this huge storm that I wondered if it was the physical storm they were referring to, or their own internal storms of judgement and insecurities.

I've observed a lot of anger and judgement this week. And as the moon herself went through a transition from libra to scorpio, I think each one of us transitioned right along with her. I had a minor meltdown earlier this week about my appearance, almost to the point of tears, which is very unlike me because I cherish my body. The day following the meltdown I found myself judging others and their appearance, this being the reflection of how I was feeling internally.

To counteract this, my husband and I started naked yoga at home. For those of you that don't know, my husband proposed to me just following a meditation session, naked, raw, and at our most vulnerable. We strip down all the stresses of the day and let go of any negativity that has clung to us throughout the day. We give our minds and bodies a peaceful session to be real, raw, and true. We don't judge each other or ourselves, we just . . . Are. When you are naked in front of some one and they accept not only your body, but your soul, it is a magical moment that not many experience.

Tonight we had planned on doing a yoga session together, but after the day I observed and experienced, we decided against, and are doing what I am calling, a spirit night. No, this doesn't involve spirit fingers. We unplug and re-tune.  We engaged the no tv rule, which is easy for us since we will go days without turning our tv on. And we are both riding out this so called storm by weaving our individual webs. *side note* If you don't follow the moon woman on facebook, you should check her out because she gives great posts on the moon phases daily.*

We are in a great transition right now to manifest our true selves. To accept what is and let go of what isnt. After confronting my insecurities head on with a raw yoga session, I found myself finding the beauty in all things today. While everyone was in an uproar over this "storm" I kept to myself, semi introverted, and observed. I observed the beauty in the day, the sun peeking through the clouds just enough to fool you into thinking there was no storm. I observed my wonderful most amazing husband and fell in love with his soul all over again.  I listened to great music that I hear every day but today it was a little more sweeter. I let go of what was and embraced what is. Instead of being angry that my previous blog post got deleted, I let it go  and here we are. What I had written previously wasn't meant to be in the universe, even though the content is similar, it wouldn't have been this blog post.. I hope this has brought some awareness, love, hope, anything to you. Let's all just breathe.letgo.breathe.  you are beautiful when you are raw, real and true.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Welcome Back!

Welcome Back, Me! I’ve kind of fallen off the bandwagon lately. But, i’m back and fully in gear. I’m getting married in 2 months so i need to kick things back into high gear. So if you’ve been following along, I lost 20 lbs by eating healthy. Well, I’ve gained it all back. So here we are on this journey again. This time, i’ll try my best to keep you updated the whole way though. As usual, i will continue to share my lovely recipes with you.

So here's whats new with me. Again.
My job is going amazing. Loving every minute of it.
My boyfriend, moved from Tennessee and proposed.
Finally made my first batch of soap!
Teaching 4 classes of yoga a week.
Gained my 20lbs back from drinking soda and eating gluten.
Sold one of my huge rugs on Etsy & got my 1st review.
Took in 2 cats, separately, one died and one ran away.

It’s so nice to be back in the groove of things. I can’t wait to share this journey with you, again. I know it can be confusing when trying to eat more ‘healthy’. There’s so many diets out there that all disagree with each other. I go by, no gluten for sure. I also try to stay low on my sugars. Keeping an open mind, open heart and a strong soul. I hope you come back and share the journey with me!
Stay strong, Stay Grounded. Thanks for reading. Namaste.

Monday, March 2, 2015

YogaFit Level 2: Breathing & Meditation

Wondering what the Level 2 YogaFit Certification is like? Well have no fear, this blog post will prepare you for everything to come. As we know, the level 2 certification is all about breathing and meditation. The class is set up very similar to the first class, only with different content.

When you first arrive you are asked to sit in a somewhat circle formulation. You’ll go through the basics, introducing yourself and talking a little about yoga and what to expect from the class. Then you’ll dive right into that lovely handbook again. I did find that this discussion was much more interesting than level 1 discussion. Mostly because I had already been teaching in Level 1 so I already know most of the content. Level 2 , we went over Sanskrit and other stuff that is very interesting to me so it was great to get to learn that stuff.

We had our usual breaks and did some group discussion on the 1st day. We even got into small groups and did some written exercises together. About a quarter of the way through the morning, id say around 10 or 11, we did a 2 hour long session. This session was super amazing, because my body really needed the session AND she let us try inversions! And by inversions I mean plough and shoulder stand, not full on handstands! No worries!

Day 1 was fun and I enjoyed the discussion, but day 2 was almost full hands on and group exercises which was super fun. We got in groups and taught our ‘homework’ of the poses we picked out. We also got in groups of two and turned the lights down and laid head to head and let music play and we had to talk through poses that seemed to fit the music mood without moving our body at all. It was incredibly hard but such a beneficial exercise!

So, very similar setup as the level 1 training. Just different content. I absolutely love these YogaFit classes and I cant wait to take more! Please comment if you’ve taken any YogaFit courses and what you thought of them!!! Until Next Time, Namaste~

Sunday, March 1, 2015

YogaFit Level 1: What to Expect

About 5 years ago I started my own personal Yoga practice on my own. If you’ve been following my blog or know me, you know that Yoga is one of the things I keep close to my heart. As I grew my personal practice, I became very interested in teaching yoga to others. I looked into every type of certification for about a year and finally landed on YogaFit. Like anyone, I was nervous and anxious to get to my training. I was so curious on what to expect and surprisingly, I couldn't find much on the agenda. So here is a rundown of how my YogaFit training went.

Because I live in a small town, I had to travel for my Leven 1 certification. So we set the GPS, grabbed our road trip snacks, and set out on our mini ‘vacation’/road trip. My fiancĂ© went with me to keep me company, how nice of him. (He’s a keeper) Since I only had an address to go by, as soon as we arrived in the town we found our hotel, then GPS’d our way from the hotel to the location of the training. Which ended up being a super cute little studio! We then went back to the hotel and got a good nights rest.

I set the alarm early enough to go grab a light breakfast and get to the training well in advance. I was about 30 minutes early and got the best spot in the house. We were asked to set up our mats in a circle and grab a book/manual. I chatted with a few people and made a few friends before class. We had some rain so a few people staggered in a little late.

First thing we did was go around the circle and of course introduce ourselves, said where we are from and how long we've been practicing yoga. Then our instructor started to go over some basics and we dove right into the manual.

After the first section of the manual, around 10:00am, we had a mini break and then got to experience our first YogaFit yoga session. This was a beginner session, nothing to strenuous. It went along to the YogaFit CD we got to take home and was simply amazing! I always love taking classes from other people simply because being the student instead of the teacher is always fun for me. The class was much needed and it was great to get to experience what we were learning about. It really helped me put things together. The session landed about an hour and half if I remember correctly.

We got an hour long lunch which was much needed because at this point my head was being filled with so much information. After lunch we went over more of the handbook. In fact most of the first day was spent going over the manual. The second day was when the fun started. Before the first day was over, we got assigned homework. We had to pick 5 poses from each mountain (you'll learn the mountains) and put them into a mini class. Not too hard if you've been teaching already. Primarily why I didn't actually do my homework.

Jumping to the second day. We started the day with another 90 minute yoga session. This one a little more toward the intermediate, but nothing to strenuous. We had a mini break after the session and then we dove right back into the manual. About a quarter of the way through the second day, we started to do pose breakdown. We got to go into the middle of the circle in groups of 2 to demonstrate each pose as we broke it down. This was fun. I really enjoyed this part of the class.

After pose breakdown we had another break and then got into groups of 3 or 4. We went though our homework and taught our 5 poses to our group. This was easy for me because I have been teaching for a year already. But If I hadn’t, I could see where it could be a challenge, but very beneficial. If that wasn't enough homework, we were assigned another one before we were able to get our actual certificate. I actually still don't have my certificate, but I am working on it and well on my way. We had to do 8 hours of ‘volunteer’ teaching and then report it to YogaFit and THEN, only then, do we get our pretty certificate.

Overall, I was so nervous, because this was such a big step in my Yoga career, but it was such an amazing experience and I loved every minute of it. Despite the fact that I was sick all weened and spent my Saturday night throwing up in the hotel, good thing my hubby was there to take care of me. It was a great weekend and I made a ton of friends. And what a coincidence, I went home and looked to see when the Level 2 class was and guess what!! It was the very next weekend in a town 30 minutes from me!!! So I am already Level 2 certified. Talk about meant to be! So stay tuned for what to expect at the Level 2 certification. Namaste!

Thursday, January 22, 2015


Welcome to 2015!
2014 was a time to reflect on yourself and your impurities and imperfections, whereas 2015 is a time to put everything into action. I truly believe I have done that. I spent July of 2014 celebrating my re-birthday. Reflecting on everything that had happened up to that point in my life. Realizing I had suppressed things that needed to be dealt with. I confronted every emotion and feeling. In 2014 I felt raw emotion. 2015 has began to be such a magical journey that I never even could have imagined or wished for. It's amazing what can happen when you start to think positively. In July 2014, I started to go through what some call a Kundalini Awakening. If you are interested, Google it. I made a choice on one hot July evening that would change the rest of my life for the better. I was well aware of my actions and the consequences, yet my ego told me to go forth. At 3am that morning I learned the difference between my Ego and my Spirit. For the next week I was barricaded in my home feeling every emotion of negativity and sadness. My spirit was broken, but it would soon heal.
What I think has helped me through this whole experience is the huge lifestyle change I made in 2014. I have talked about it in my blog before, but lets go into detail. I used to drink nothing but soda all day long. That was my 1st problem. Also, pasta and anything gluten was/is my favorite food. About 10 years ago, yes 10, my hands and lips started breaking out so bad to the point I couldn't function. Like super dry cracked skin. My fingers would swell up and it was hard to perform day to day duties at work. I saw every dermatologist in my area and none of them had an answer for me. They just kept giving me different creams to apply which nothing worked. I tried to go gluten free about 5 years ago but it didn't work. I wasn't ready to make the change. So in 2014 I was spiritually ready to make the change. I was working from home and felt the time was right. I went through the house and got rid of any chemical there was. Anything from gluten, to macaroni and cheese to toothpaste to cleaning products! I do still have to apply medicine to my hands, but that's only when I eat gluten or binge on a soda that my hands break out. I also dropped 30 pounds in about 5 months, unintentionally! I wasn't overweight, but I was unhealthily chubby.
By changing my life spiritually, I was able to change my life in every way. I went from unhealthy and unemployed to healthy and loving my job. I got a new job as I mentioned in my last post and although I don't want to spend my life behind a desk, I have been able to launch my dream of making my organic lotions, balms, deodorants, soaps, etc. I also am able to finally get my certification for Yoga. I have taught yoga for about a year independently but I have been really trying to get my big certification and by having this amazing job that I love, I am able to do all of those things. I am setting my future up for success. All of these amazing things have happened because of the spiritual changes i have welcomed into my life. I had to go through all of the negatives and hurdles to get to where I am. I truly believe the universe is rewarding me for staying grounded and tuning in.
With all of these changes I have really become more aware of my overall health. In doing this it has made me spiritually stronger. Oscar Health Insurance has been a huge supporter in providing affordable health care coverage to people like me that actually care about their health. To find out more about them visit them Here
As we enter this next Mercury Retrograde, I am welcoming it with an open soul. If it starts to get rocky just remember GROUND OUT, TUNE IN.