Sunday, March 1, 2015

YogaFit Level 1: What to Expect

About 5 years ago I started my own personal Yoga practice on my own. If you’ve been following my blog or know me, you know that Yoga is one of the things I keep close to my heart. As I grew my personal practice, I became very interested in teaching yoga to others. I looked into every type of certification for about a year and finally landed on YogaFit. Like anyone, I was nervous and anxious to get to my training. I was so curious on what to expect and surprisingly, I couldn't find much on the agenda. So here is a rundown of how my YogaFit training went.

Because I live in a small town, I had to travel for my Leven 1 certification. So we set the GPS, grabbed our road trip snacks, and set out on our mini ‘vacation’/road trip. My fiancĂ© went with me to keep me company, how nice of him. (He’s a keeper) Since I only had an address to go by, as soon as we arrived in the town we found our hotel, then GPS’d our way from the hotel to the location of the training. Which ended up being a super cute little studio! We then went back to the hotel and got a good nights rest.

I set the alarm early enough to go grab a light breakfast and get to the training well in advance. I was about 30 minutes early and got the best spot in the house. We were asked to set up our mats in a circle and grab a book/manual. I chatted with a few people and made a few friends before class. We had some rain so a few people staggered in a little late.

First thing we did was go around the circle and of course introduce ourselves, said where we are from and how long we've been practicing yoga. Then our instructor started to go over some basics and we dove right into the manual.

After the first section of the manual, around 10:00am, we had a mini break and then got to experience our first YogaFit yoga session. This was a beginner session, nothing to strenuous. It went along to the YogaFit CD we got to take home and was simply amazing! I always love taking classes from other people simply because being the student instead of the teacher is always fun for me. The class was much needed and it was great to get to experience what we were learning about. It really helped me put things together. The session landed about an hour and half if I remember correctly.

We got an hour long lunch which was much needed because at this point my head was being filled with so much information. After lunch we went over more of the handbook. In fact most of the first day was spent going over the manual. The second day was when the fun started. Before the first day was over, we got assigned homework. We had to pick 5 poses from each mountain (you'll learn the mountains) and put them into a mini class. Not too hard if you've been teaching already. Primarily why I didn't actually do my homework.

Jumping to the second day. We started the day with another 90 minute yoga session. This one a little more toward the intermediate, but nothing to strenuous. We had a mini break after the session and then we dove right back into the manual. About a quarter of the way through the second day, we started to do pose breakdown. We got to go into the middle of the circle in groups of 2 to demonstrate each pose as we broke it down. This was fun. I really enjoyed this part of the class.

After pose breakdown we had another break and then got into groups of 3 or 4. We went though our homework and taught our 5 poses to our group. This was easy for me because I have been teaching for a year already. But If I hadn’t, I could see where it could be a challenge, but very beneficial. If that wasn't enough homework, we were assigned another one before we were able to get our actual certificate. I actually still don't have my certificate, but I am working on it and well on my way. We had to do 8 hours of ‘volunteer’ teaching and then report it to YogaFit and THEN, only then, do we get our pretty certificate.

Overall, I was so nervous, because this was such a big step in my Yoga career, but it was such an amazing experience and I loved every minute of it. Despite the fact that I was sick all weened and spent my Saturday night throwing up in the hotel, good thing my hubby was there to take care of me. It was a great weekend and I made a ton of friends. And what a coincidence, I went home and looked to see when the Level 2 class was and guess what!! It was the very next weekend in a town 30 minutes from me!!! So I am already Level 2 certified. Talk about meant to be! So stay tuned for what to expect at the Level 2 certification. Namaste!

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