Monday, March 2, 2015

YogaFit Level 2: Breathing & Meditation

Wondering what the Level 2 YogaFit Certification is like? Well have no fear, this blog post will prepare you for everything to come. As we know, the level 2 certification is all about breathing and meditation. The class is set up very similar to the first class, only with different content.

When you first arrive you are asked to sit in a somewhat circle formulation. You’ll go through the basics, introducing yourself and talking a little about yoga and what to expect from the class. Then you’ll dive right into that lovely handbook again. I did find that this discussion was much more interesting than level 1 discussion. Mostly because I had already been teaching in Level 1 so I already know most of the content. Level 2 , we went over Sanskrit and other stuff that is very interesting to me so it was great to get to learn that stuff.

We had our usual breaks and did some group discussion on the 1st day. We even got into small groups and did some written exercises together. About a quarter of the way through the morning, id say around 10 or 11, we did a 2 hour long session. This session was super amazing, because my body really needed the session AND she let us try inversions! And by inversions I mean plough and shoulder stand, not full on handstands! No worries!

Day 1 was fun and I enjoyed the discussion, but day 2 was almost full hands on and group exercises which was super fun. We got in groups and taught our ‘homework’ of the poses we picked out. We also got in groups of two and turned the lights down and laid head to head and let music play and we had to talk through poses that seemed to fit the music mood without moving our body at all. It was incredibly hard but such a beneficial exercise!

So, very similar setup as the level 1 training. Just different content. I absolutely love these YogaFit classes and I cant wait to take more! Please comment if you’ve taken any YogaFit courses and what you thought of them!!! Until Next Time, Namaste~

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