Thursday, June 4, 2015

Welcome Back!

Welcome Back, Me! I’ve kind of fallen off the bandwagon lately. But, i’m back and fully in gear. I’m getting married in 2 months so i need to kick things back into high gear. So if you’ve been following along, I lost 20 lbs by eating healthy. Well, I’ve gained it all back. So here we are on this journey again. This time, i’ll try my best to keep you updated the whole way though. As usual, i will continue to share my lovely recipes with you.

So here's whats new with me. Again.
My job is going amazing. Loving every minute of it.
My boyfriend, moved from Tennessee and proposed.
Finally made my first batch of soap!
Teaching 4 classes of yoga a week.
Gained my 20lbs back from drinking soda and eating gluten.
Sold one of my huge rugs on Etsy & got my 1st review.
Took in 2 cats, separately, one died and one ran away.

It’s so nice to be back in the groove of things. I can’t wait to share this journey with you, again. I know it can be confusing when trying to eat more ‘healthy’. There’s so many diets out there that all disagree with each other. I go by, no gluten for sure. I also try to stay low on my sugars. Keeping an open mind, open heart and a strong soul. I hope you come back and share the journey with me!
Stay strong, Stay Grounded. Thanks for reading. Namaste.