Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Breathe. Let go. Breathe

Welcome to new moon in scorpio.

As I sit here writing my second draft of this very blog post, I can't help but wonder why my first draft disappeared and I lost all content. The words had been pouring out all afternoon for what was making one fascinating read. And now I sit here baffled and unwilling to replicate what has already happened.

As we enter the infinity of all moons, we have to wonder, are we manifesting our highest truth? Are we weaving our Web to our liking or are we all just walking reflections of each other.

Today in the Midwest a storm swept through. This ended up being a few rain droplets and mediocre wind gusts. But everyone around me was making such a big deal about this huge storm that I wondered if it was the physical storm they were referring to, or their own internal storms of judgement and insecurities.

I've observed a lot of anger and judgement this week. And as the moon herself went through a transition from libra to scorpio, I think each one of us transitioned right along with her. I had a minor meltdown earlier this week about my appearance, almost to the point of tears, which is very unlike me because I cherish my body. The day following the meltdown I found myself judging others and their appearance, this being the reflection of how I was feeling internally.

To counteract this, my husband and I started naked yoga at home. For those of you that don't know, my husband proposed to me just following a meditation session, naked, raw, and at our most vulnerable. We strip down all the stresses of the day and let go of any negativity that has clung to us throughout the day. We give our minds and bodies a peaceful session to be real, raw, and true. We don't judge each other or ourselves, we just . . . Are. When you are naked in front of some one and they accept not only your body, but your soul, it is a magical moment that not many experience.

Tonight we had planned on doing a yoga session together, but after the day I observed and experienced, we decided against, and are doing what I am calling, a spirit night. No, this doesn't involve spirit fingers. We unplug and re-tune.  We engaged the no tv rule, which is easy for us since we will go days without turning our tv on. And we are both riding out this so called storm by weaving our individual webs. *side note* If you don't follow the moon woman on facebook, you should check her out because she gives great posts on the moon phases daily.*

We are in a great transition right now to manifest our true selves. To accept what is and let go of what isnt. After confronting my insecurities head on with a raw yoga session, I found myself finding the beauty in all things today. While everyone was in an uproar over this "storm" I kept to myself, semi introverted, and observed. I observed the beauty in the day, the sun peeking through the clouds just enough to fool you into thinking there was no storm. I observed my wonderful most amazing husband and fell in love with his soul all over again.  I listened to great music that I hear every day but today it was a little more sweeter. I let go of what was and embraced what is. Instead of being angry that my previous blog post got deleted, I let it go  and here we are. What I had written previously wasn't meant to be in the universe, even though the content is similar, it wouldn't have been this blog post.. I hope this has brought some awareness, love, hope, anything to you. Let's all just breathe.letgo.breathe.  you are beautiful when you are raw, real and true.

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