Monday, November 16, 2015


I love when the sun goes down after a long rainy day. The earth is moistened and it feels as though the atmosphere has expelled everything it needed to for the time being. The clouds gave forth what the earth yearned for and now every part is satisfied and released. Everything can relax and breathe.

According to tradition, this is a time to be thankful. (I know I'm a little late for Thanksgiving) but shouldn't we be thankful every day of our lives? You would think. Well, I am thankful simply for this body that has provided me life here on earth. Remember: we are souls having a human experience.

Despite the holiday season upon us, there has been so much death and chaos around us. I know of 3 people that have passed away just off the top of my head, young people too! This makes me extremely thankful for my body and I wish I could start treating it better, I've fallen off my clean eating and yoga lately. It also reminds me that life is too short so we must follow our hearts. Which reminds me that the moon is waning in Leo and we should be following our hearts more than ever right now. I read somewhere that people who have heart attacks and heart complications are those who overall, didn't follow their heart in life. Makes sense.

Since the attacks on Paris a few weeks ago, am I the only one noticing that technology has totally been sketchy lately? First my phone stopped working. It won't send messages or get service for calls. This improved overall, but when I'm in a certain  part of our small town, service goes down all together. Then my Bluetooth mouse blew up and quit working which was followed by my mac laptop crashing completely. Luckily I can save he hard drive and have a new laptop on the way, but still a sad moment. I work in a call center and I can't even begin to calculate how many problems we've been having with phones and emails. It's amazing what people are overlooking right now.

Well, here's what's in store for the future:
Hubby and I have a trip to Oregon planned in March. Shortly after we plan to move there. Portland area. We are hoping to get a tiny house on a little land we can have  some bees and a little workshop for our soaps and projects.
We are pitching our soaps to our first store in the next town over. First gers crossed she will want to carry them.
We are still trying for our  3rd member of our family after the miscarriage in October. We hope this happens before christmas.

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