Monday, December 21, 2015

Life Changes

I feel this is a very appropriate time to make this post and start this journey, since the winter solstice is upon us. In my last post I mentioned that hubby and I have a trip planned to Oregon and shortly after plan to move. Well I have decided to document the whole thing. Readers or no readers, this is our journey and I want somewhere to express, share, vent and learn. So here goes...

We live in a very very small town, we work 9-5 jobs in an office in the biggest place in our town. We have a nice little cozy home that we rent for a pretty penny, and a good chunk of debt to our name. Personally I have more student loan debt than anyone can possibly imagine, but hey, our vehicle is paid off so that's a plus. Our days are the same, with a nice little routine. Our weekends are always fun because we try to get out and make the most of them. We are doing good. But at the end of our day, after we've put in our 8, sometimes 9 or 10, hours and we lay down at night, we are constantly talking about a different lifestyle and this dream we both have. We are constantly thinking 'there's got to be more'. So we're setting out on a journey to see just how much more there is. We're going to go to Portland for 10 days and take a 3 day road trip back and put our 2 weeks notice in when we get home and start packing our stuff to move out west.

We've both lived in other countries and we've both traveled a lot before. We are gypsy souls and love the journey.

So what are our plans.... well, we have a small home now, 1 bedroom that we've turned into 2  bedrooms becase we were pregnant, but lost the baby. This house is just too big. We don't  need or want this material stuff. So we are downsizing to a tiny home. We are currently in the process of going through our posessions and either selling, donating, or storing.

We hope to eventually to live off our passions, but for now we will do what we have to. I currently teach yoga on the side so I'm hoping to get 1 more  certification before the trip and hopefully land a yoga teaching job full time. We also make soaps so we're hoping to get them carried in a few shops. I currently am in the works with 1 shop here locally in the Midwest, but with the holidays it's been hard. Hubby wants  something outdoors, with a park ranger or a farmhand. This will help hi gain the knowledge for when we start to gather and grow our own animals. We aren't too worried about jobs, we know in our hearts that everything will work out the way it is supposed to.

So... now we just put all the pieces together and start planning the next leg of our journey. I hope someone finds interest in this, even if it's just my hubby ☺ stay tuned for more on our wonderful journey of life.

Enjoy the Winter Solstice!