Monday, January 25, 2016

Road blocks and game changers

So here's an update and trigger, some of it is not all happy rainbows. But I think it is just as important to post our bumps in the road and how we get through them along this journey. We will rise above and nothing is stopping us.

So we are about 6 weeks away from our big trip to oregon. Reminder: this trip determines if and when we move. So we have been saving every penny and dime we have, but we are really counting on our tax refund to get us there and hopefully enough to move afterwards. So It's a lovely Thursday evening and I  sitting down to file my taxes. Turbo tax asks if I'm madried, well of freaking course! Highlight of my life right there. So I choose yes. I continue on. Now let me tell you that most all of my refund comes from 2 things, earned income credit, and my student loans that I will be paying on until I'm dead. Not joking. So I come to the section for those lovely money advancers and BOOM, denied! What , why!? Well, turns out once your married they make you file jointly to get those lovely tax credits. Ok so why don't we just file jointly? Well, see that there proposes a problem. Long story short and to avoid dirty laundry, hubby owes so excited child support that he was never made aware of, so if we file jointly, there goes both of our tax returns. This was road block #1.

My heart shattered into a million pieces. Yes, I got a good refund, but not near enough that I was hoping to get for the trip. I stressed for about 6 hours and the next day my mom gave me wonderful advice. "Everything happens for a reason my love". So I let it be. I know in my heart we will have enough money and we will wind up wherever we are supposed to be. So what was road block #2?

Well, road block #2 wasn't really pertaining to the oregon move/trip, it was more a road block of my heart. So hubby's family planned this wonderful cruise to Mexico for everyone and we were invited. Full free trip, including airfare to get to TX from OR ;)  hubby's never been on a  cruise and I was overjoyed to get to show him the ropes from a 5 time cruiser right here. Let me just say that if I could move to the islands, I'd move to St. Marten in a heartbeat. Well cruise is booked, non refundable and hubby sent off for his passport. Guess what ?! Can't get a passport if you owe back child support! Like he is a criminal or something and he's going to skip the country! I knew this was just a material trip but still, I was really looking forward to this time with hubby and his family that we don't ever get to see.

So hubby sends the dreaded text to his mom and guess what again.  . . . You don't need a passport to go on a cruise to mexico! Some you do, but the particular one were going on you don't. We stressed for a whole day about nothing. And in the meantime, hubby is in touch with child support to get everything paid and cleared up! So possibly this was a blessing in disguise.  But wait. . . .there's more!

So we have these groups on FACEBOOK in my area for online yard sale items. I had gotten a Ninja as a wedding gift back in august from my momma. Since we are downsizing, these groups have become our best friend. I was skeptical to list my old blender on the site because it was a perfectly good blender, but I have a Ninja now, why do I need a blender. I dont. Consolidate. So I skeptically let hubby list it. On Sunday morning he had someone interested in it so we set up a time to meet. All the way across town, like we live in a huge town or something. We dont. But it was cold and my cycle had come on full throttle, thanks full moon.  So we're pulling into the Shell station to meet this guy and we see a pickup truck with 2 families crowding around a box. Awe, puppies! Not just any puppies...HUSKIES!!!!! Now, I don't think I've mentioned it much in my blog, but if you follow me on Pinterest you will see just how much we have loved and wanted a husky. The plan was to find one when we moved to oregon, but I've been in touch with a few  readers and realized it's going to be hard and expensive. So what are the chances that right here in this parking lot, where we weren't even scheduled to be. . .there are husky puppies right in front of our eyes. I think you already know own how this ends. . . His name is Neko and he comes home equity with us in about a month! I literally giggles the whole way home!want to know the craziest part. The guy that bought our blender also bought an item from the couple selling the puppies.

So what was that my mom was saying? "Everything happens for a reason my love".

A few days ago we were so beat down saying "we feel so defeated, everything is spiraling down" and now here we are on top of the world filled with love and joy and couldn't be happier and stronger.

So this is where were at and we couldn't be happier to continue up on our journey.

Stay tuned ,