Tuesday, March 8, 2016

New ideas

The last post we made, we were 6 weeks out from our trip to Oregon.  Now here we are 3 days away from leaving. I suppose we should get packing. We couldn't be more excited and anxious to get out there. There have been a few changes and a few new ideas have arisen.

First.. our original plan was to fly to Portland and then rent a car and drive home taking 4 leisurely days to make a few stops along the way. Well, who knew a rental car was $1200!? Not this girl! So we traded in our plan tickets and got a rental car from our hometown for $300 the entire trip. This will take us 2 extra days to get there, but I love my husband and we can't wait to spend that quality windshield time together. So 6 days of driving, 5 days of visiting, and 1 day recoup at home.

Second.. we got a puppy! Yep! A pure bred Siberian Husky. His name is Neko and he's about 9 weeks now. He's a crazy fool. So adorable though. There's been talk about taking him with us, but since he's still small, and clumsy, we're going to leave him at home for nkw. He will stay with my sister, I hope she knows what she's in for.

So the biggest update is that we are looking into doing the RV living!! We have been going every week to look at some options and we are pretty sure that right after we get back from our trip we will be making the plunge.

We are to our breaking point with our 9-5 job and we need to make some moves, and quick. We both are ready to just do it and whatever happens we will make it work. We need more adventure, more excitement. Hubby and I truly are best friends and I want to spend more of my time with him. After all, I did marry him, not this job. I think it really started to hit when we needed a day off here and there and work denied us those days. We are being 'denied' to live our life.

So we hope to have a wonderful trip and shortly after find our perfect RV and start our adventures out on the open road. I'll be sure to write about our trip all along the way.

Thanks for reading.

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