Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Etsy Shop Announcement

For those of you who follow me, you already know my passion of making soaps. But did you know we have an Etsy shop!? Also, did you know we not only specialize in soaps, but we also love, love, love to dabble in pallet projects. Like anything you can think of! See something on Pinterest, we can make it for you! So let's use this space to feature some of my favorite items and talk more about the shop!

Let's start with a little about us.

Our Etsy shop has been open for a little over a year now. We have spent that year perfecting our soap recipes and branding our label. We are always learning and experimenting with new recipes though. We are taking this 2nd year of being open on Etsy, and we're considering it as our first real year knowing what we are doing. So, we've partnered with a local photographer to help us get really good pictures of our products, and we are expanding our line based off requests that we've gotten in the last year. We are very excited about year 2 and we cannot wait to share all the products with everyone.

Hippie Times Bar Soap.

Isn't that one pretty picture!? Thanks to my wonderful photographer for making our soaps totally come to life! You can view some of her work on her facebook page, here
Our Hippie Times bar soap is made with a Patchouli essential oil so you get that clean hippie smell all day long. We also use organic dried Sage as a natural exfoliate in this bar. This is one of my favorite bars because the exfoliate is not harsh on the skin. Sage is naturally a softer herb so it has a smooth feeling while still getting dirt and grime off. This bar is really a great all year round bar of soap. Summer is always good because it helps keep the bugs away, but there's something about Patchouli in Fall that I just love. Like I said, this is one of my favorite bars and one of our best sellers!

Lemongrass Bar Soap.

Lemongrass Bar Soap is our best seller. We came out with this bar just this summer to help keep the bugs away. This bar works great in the kitchen too, as it has organic lemongrass in the bar as another gentle exfoliate. This bar is made with lemongrass essential oil and organic lemongrass. I really can't say enough good things about the Lemongrass bar. Everyone that picks it up walks home with at least 1 bar. Guess you'll just have to try for yourself.

What our Soaps are Made of.

Obviously, all of our soaps are Organic, and Vegan. We do make lye based soaps, and I know Lye scares alot of people. But did you know that when the soap properly cures, there will be no traces of lye in the soap!? This is why soap takes about a month to cure.
We also do use palm oil. But i make sure to order the CSPO Certified palm oil. This means that no rainforests were harmed in the harvesting of the palm.
We use the cold process method in small batches. Our batches are average 8 bars a batch.
We use the very best essential oils and herbs and love to experiment with new scents and combinations. We are always creating something new whether it be a new scented soap or a whole new product. We also do have body mists and tinctures. We will be adding to these this winter, hopefully.
So as you can see, we take the very best pride in our soapmaking. It's always been a 'want' for me to accomplish but was never in reach. Finally my husband and I decided to venture on this journey and here we are a year later totally loving life and all that is soapmaking.

The Very Best News!

Our soaps are carried in a shop in Florida! This is huge for us because we are currently located in Illinois! We are also carried in a local coffee shop for our coffee soap, but that's another day. This is so good for us because more people all over the US will get to experience our soaps! So if you ever find yourself in Florida, track down Magpie Arts Studio and get yourself a bar of Studio 108 Soap!
If you aren't able to snag some soaps in person, please visit our Etsy shop we are working so hard at building and making wonderful! Just click on the Etsy icon to the right underneath our picture and you'll be directed to the correct place. Thanks so much for showing an interest in our soaps! If you've gotten our bars before please leave us a review on our Etsy shop! And if you have any questions about our products, feel free to email us!