Wednesday, June 7, 2017

My Birth Story

I It occurs to me the other day that I've not blogged about the birth of my son. I know when I was pregnant I spent countless baths reading blogs about birth stories trying to get an idea of what to expect. Here is the journey of how Brayden Tyler came into this world.

38 weeks pregnant:
It was a rainy week and Lyle works outdoors so he had that particular day off work. It was about 8am and i popped up out of bed because it felt like a balloon had popped in my uterus.

Lyle told me my water probably broke so I ran to the bathroom. Tons of liquid came out so I called my mom immediately. She told me to go to the hospital, so we packed up a few bags and headed out the door.

I had contractions all the way to the hospital (about 20 mins away). When we arrived they set me up in a room and Lyle went to check me in. The reality that the baby was actually coming hadn't set in yet.

At this point my mom and dad were 5 hours away so they quickly left work and we're on their way to the hospital. I also called my grandma who arrived around 11am.

We got checked and I was dialated to I think a 2. They got me hooked up and the contractions kept coming. By the time my parents were arriving I was full on in labor.

We decided to go for a natural waterbirth. So with no pain medicine I was definitely trying everything to stay comfortable. I think the worst part was not being able to eat or drink anything. I kept throwing it all up. Even sips of sprite wouldn't stay down.

We continued to labor all through the day and into the evening. Snow stsrted to come down pretty hard. The first snow of the season. It was beautiful.

14 hours into labor:
We were dialated to an 8, so my midwife finally let me get in the birthing tub and try pushing. Hubby got in with me and my midwife explained what would happen and the sensations I would feel. I pushed for about 2 hours in that tub. At this point it was midnight going on 2am.

We tried everything but it just wasn't working. My midwife said I should get out and try to get some rest. Once I was out and they'd dried me off, she said I needed an epidural. I cried. And cried. And cried. I felt like a failure, that I couldn't do it.

They assured me that I did so good but it just needed to be this way. I was under too much stress. So, no happily, I got the epidural. And I have to say, after 19 hours with no pain medicine, it was a huge releif.

The epidural came at about 4am. At that point my dad went home to let our dog out and get some rest himself. Everyone else got some rest at the hospital. Including me.

24 hours of labor:
The Dr came in, my midwife was in another town, and explained to us that we could wait for Brayden to come out (which could be another day) or we could opt for a c section. The very last thing I wanted to happpen.

After talking it through with hubby and everyone, we decided a c section was best for me and baby. 24 hours of labor couldn't have been easy on him either. So we scheduled it for noon that morning.

Around 12:30, they came to get me and Lyle prepped. It was the scariest thing  because I've never had surgery before and they strapped my arms down.

They let Lyle take the GoPro in so he got the birth I'm film, which is pretty awesome to look back on!

I remember feeling a ton of pressure on my bwlly, then hearing him cry. I got years and said, "Is that him? Is he here?" They plopped him over the curtain and showed me that it was a boy.

Once he was bundled they let me snuggle him for a bit and then Lyle went with him to get weighed and swaddled while they stitched me up.

Once I was all stitched we all went to the room and we were now a family of 3. My life was forever changed and the amazing journey began.

Although, it didn't go the way we'd planned, Brayden is happy and healthy.

Brayden weighed 7.8 and measured 21.5

Friday, June 2, 2017

My letter to new moms

This is my letter to all my lovely expecting mom's and newbie moms. Please note that I am not a physician or expert. Just a new mom myself with some hopefully encouraging words and advice.

No amount of research will prepare you for giving birth. All you can do is be confident and open to anything that comes along. Accept the fact that this baby will come on its own terms and doesn't take into consideration that you are planning a peaceful natural Waterbirth. Don't be disappointed if the birth doesn't go as planned. When that little baby comes out of you, nothing else matters.

Get as much skin to skin time as you possibly can. Daddy too! I can't even preach that enough. Lay with that little baby on your chest for hours on end when you're in the hospital. Let the nurses pamper you. Because when you go home, it's a whole new ball game.

On that note, accept help from those who offer. It may come few and far between, but that little bit of help will make a world of difference. Ask for help when you feel overwhelmed. Even if you just need someone to talk to, reach out.

Every single one of us raises our children differently, and that's okay. However you chose to raise your children, stick to your choices. Don't let anyone tell you differently. Do your research, whether it be in breastfeeding, vaccinations, pacifiers, diapers, potty training... everyone has different views and opinions. My answer is, "you raise your kids, I'll raise mine. Don't judge me, I won't judge you."

The first week or two will be rough. If your husband finds you curled up in a ball in the shower crying  (yes, guilty) you're not a failure. You are doing everything right. You just grew a human out of thin air and then pushed it out of you, I think you're allowed to break down. On the note of showers, milk them. Take extra long showers and enjoy the time to yourself for a few minutes.

For my breastfeeding mama's, you can do it! Don't let the pressure of social media get to you. If you chose to breastfeed, you can. Your body came equipped with a set of glands that will produce everything your baby needs to grow. Don't doubt your body. Hang in there because your nipples are in for a ride. When you think you want to give up, push through.

Enjoy the time spent breastfeeding, because one day they won't need your boob anymore. Soak up every minute of it.

Breastfeeding is one of the most rewarding things I've ever done. You will get through all the hurdles. You just will. You're supermom now, you have those powers.

Tale away all expectations. Don't worry if you don't get tummy time in today. It's okay to not do a bedtime story every single night. It's okay to get overwhelmed and want a break. It's okay to take time to yourself. It's all okay.

You are beautiful every single day. Yes, you're probably going to rock the mom bun and plan your outfits on how accessible your boobs are for feeding time.  You are gorgeous. You now nuture a little tiny human. They don't care if you have makeup on or not. The world will understand.

Expect to feel like a zombie 95% of the time. Get acquainted with the  bags under your eyes. It really helps if you have a hubby that takes turns with you on the night shifts. Work out a routine that works for you and work together as a team. Even when your silently cursing him for sleeping so soundly while your up even though you told him to get some rest. Haha, totally guilty! 

My last tip I can offer is, always have water and a snack nearby; and always make sure your phone is within reach before sitting down for a feeding!

Always remember that this is such a wonderful amazing journey you are so lucky to be on. There are so many people that wish they were up at night with their children. So many women who wish their boobs we're engorged from breastfeeding. So many women who wish they had little babies to cuddle, and you've been blessed to have that opportunity. With every dirty diaper there is a smile that looks up to you. A new little soul who, to them, you are their world.

Make memories, laugh, be amazing.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

My Dreadlock Journey

"Both Eastern and Western traditions hold that bodily, mental and spiritual energies mainly exit the body through the top of the head and the hair. If the hair is knotted, they believe the energy remains within the hair and body, keeping a person more strong and healthy."

I started on my lock journey 2 years ago, just after I got married. Obviously, that journey ended fairly short. My locks were super tight and I felt a lot of chaos around them. I think I started to tear them out around the 1 month mark. This journey is much different and I'm so excited to tell you guys all about it!

My first set of locks, like I said, felt very chaotic. They were very tight, and physically hurt. I was told that with patience and time, they would loosen up and become more natural. At that time, I had an office job, working the typical work flow of 9-5.
When they say that locks will bring out all your insecurities . . . so true! I wore headbands every day to cover up the frizzies that were once my roots. I bunned my hair as much as possible in a subtle attempt to 'hide' my dreads. I was so worried about what the office though of me and who thought I had become an overnight 'hobo'.
Eventually, i think around the 1 month mark, if not sooner, I started to end my journey and spent numerous hours combing out my locks. (Ever want your hair thinned, just get locks and then brush them out)
So, once upon a time, this was my first journey...

My second journey has been totally amazing! First off, I told my hairstylist that I wanted looser locks this time. Which, because I made myself familiar with the crochet method, I can upkeep these on my own. They don't hurt my head at all, and I can still run my fingers through my hair. We also left some of my hair out so it all blends together and not 100% locked.

I got a spiral lock off Etsy so I don't have to use a hair tie and rip at my locks. (totally recommend one of these if you have locks) I love styling my locks now, and it's only been a month! I can't wait until they grow and mature.

This time around, I embrace my locks. Each and every one of them! I find myself proud to go out in public and show them off, and I have this attitude like 'This is me, this is my journey, watch me embrace it'. I no longer have to do the work flow. Hubby and I work from home and spend every minute together with our 3 month old son. I have actually found myself being nicer to strangers in public. Smiling and making eye contact more. Like i'm beaming my good vibes to strangers.

I feel more all around grounded and we've started up our Yoga practice again. I find myself more interested in hobbies, like I can tackle anything. BRING ON THE ADVENTURE!

I am convinced that the first journey wasn't the right time at all, because this journey is so amazing I don't know how I missed it the first time. Everything happens for a reason and I am beyond grateful for my locks.

I also want to add one more thing. If you notice, I've been calling them locks and not dreadlocks. The proper name is in fact locks. They started referring to them as 'dreadlocks' because people thought they looked dreadful. Locks is the proper term for them.

So, what do my locks look like now. . . . Let's take a look!

This is one amazing journey!